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Transform your classroom with Tale Bot Pro

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As a behavior analyst, I’ve always vouched for teaching methodologies that tap into a child’s natural strengths and interests; and we know our kids love tech! So today I’d like to highlight an interactive tool that you may find helpful to have in your classroom, ABA clinic, or home.

The Tale-Bot Pro Coding Robot

Tale-Bot Pro is a fun gadget that not only tells stories, but also teaches the magic of coding to young learners; it’s a charming robot that turns learning into a playful endeavor. With just a press of a button, kids can command TaleBot to walk, draw, sing, dance, and even record their own stories. And the best part? No screen required!

  • Learning While Playing: Tale-Bot Pro seamlessly blends storytelling with coding, allowing children to learn as they play. There are up to 256 commands, sequences, and loops to explore.
  • Skill Development: From problem-solving to critical thinking, to creative expression.
Tale Bot Pro Activity Cards

Add-On: The Activity Box!

Pair the TaleBot Pro with the Activity Box, and you’ve just upgraded your child’s learning experience to a whole new level. This special add-on pack is loaded with smart interactive technology that provides real-time voice guidance and feedback.

  • Diverse Learning Materials: With interactive maps, stickers, activity cards, and paper crafts, the activity box is a treasure trove of resources that make learning a hands-on experience.

During ABA sessions, I might utilize the blank grid option to design an individualized lesson plan, using dry-erase markers, and fill in the grid with specific exemplars. Or I might use it as a reinforcer if my learner enjoys creating entertaining and interactive stories. 

In essence, the synergy between Tale-Bot Pro and the Activity Box offers a haven where learning meets play. These tools are not just about teaching; they are about igniting curiosity, fostering creativity, and making learning an exciting journey. As we scout for the perfect holiday gift, consider the TaleBot Pro and Activity Box to nurture the imaginative and inquisitive minds of tomorrow.

Tale-Bot Review

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